Friday, January 18, 2013

Interesting Quotes and Studies of Biblical Texts Part 1

1. What is the Universal Symbolism within the relationship between Jesus, God and the Crucifixion? (free download)

2.  What is the symbolism relationship between God and our Mind and Money?

3. What is the relationship between Jesus and ‘Life’?What/who represents Jesus and Life in the world/humanity of today?

Why/how does crucifying Jesus = crucifying Life?

4. What do the vertical and horizontal lines of the Cross symbolize in our relationship as the Physical and the Mind?

What is the relationship in the symbolism of the Cross to ‘Time’ and ‘Here’? What is ‘Time’?

What is ‘Here’?

5. What is the relationship between Jesus crucified for God, and ourselves crucified for Consciousness?How/why exactly do we crucify ourselves for Consciousness?

What does ‘crucifying ourselves for Consciousness’ mean?

6. Why/how is it, that Jesus represented the Law of Life as equality and oneness?What is it that empowered/dis-empowered humans to crucify Jesus/Life directly/indirectly?

What is the Law that still governs/controls humans through fear and consequence, in the within and without of ourselves?

7. What is the relationship between the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ in Religion and ‘Climbing the Ladder of Success’ of Money?

8. How/why were the direct words and living example of Jesus on Earth manipulated to serve the interests of Law and Control?

Who/what benefits now from this Manipulated-version of Jesus’s words and Living Example as it is dispersed in society today?

9. How did the Mind and the World System hook the majority of Humanity into/as a Fear of Change for Equality for All?

Why/how did Humans with Jesus, listen to his Words – but not LIVE his Words?

How to this Day to we listen/imagine change, but do not LIVE Change?

10. How did Human Beings Symbolize Jesus’s Message/Living in their Minds instead of walking with him as Equals?

What is the difference between Symbolizing words and Living words?

What were the consequences of Symbolizing Jesus’s Message/Living, instead of Speaking/Walking with him as equals?

11. How/why has Religion come to Serve the Law – instead of the betterment of Humanity as a whole?How was Jesus’s message and living manipulated to serve Control, instead of the betterment of Humanity as a whole?

12. What is the connection between the Cross/Jesus Relationship and the Mind, Body, Soul/Spirit Relationship?

What is the relationship between the action of Prayer and the action of generating the energy of Love and Light?

Why would so many humans take action in prayer, Love and Light – but not in the PHYSICAL ACTION that would matter in bringing about a better life for All?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Changing my thoughts will change me - Life-Review

I had a similar life experience to the Interdimensional being in this Interview. I too, allowed myself to firstly attempt to compensate for the abusive harmful thoughts that existed within my mind, that led me down a path of adult depression and moodiness into looking for ways to basically -escape my inner reality - the thoughts that drove me daily closer and closer to my own suicide. When I realised that I could not escape who and what I had become and that I could not live with myself in this world, where being who you 'wanted' to be was not accepted and most certainly not affordable unless you have lots of money - I then attempted to change my thoughts into something that would change me into somebody I could 'live with.

So, this interview reminded me of the days I spent pouring over spirituality books, looking for a reason and cause for my existence, a way that I could transform myself through philosophy and spirituality into a new, special me. The emphasis here was on special - on wanting to no longer just be 'Andrea' - but to be a person others could look up to and 'respect. I moulded myself into 'a Wiccan' and when this did not work I transformed my inner thoughts into outer forces by meddling with demons on a ouija board and eventually becoming possessed by a dark force that slowly consumed me, until I again placed myself before death - as the symbolic role play of a girl fighting a demon in a battle between good and evil.

In the end as I was thrown back into a state of realising my aloneness with my own thoughts - and I had exorcised the demons I 'thought' were responsible for my inner demise - I soon realised that by awakening my old nature and returning to who I had always been when the proverbial dust had settled after my demon-encounter - that i would have to face this end point. This I found to be the most difficult - even more difficult that fighting off a legion of demons - as I was now having to face the layers of physical programming that was me, that was fighting as me as my patterns I had constituted since childhood. Each time I 'crashed' back from whatever new gimmick/profession or religion I was trying, I would come back to me - but find a different polarity experience where I was now either really shit, bad, ugly and useless, or feeling good, doing well and reaching for greatness. At the end of each cycle I got to see where I had just come from and how I spent months or years trying to live out that polarity to either avoid or get closer to the opposite polarity - and this we have all come to call 'Life'.

In the end I saw how all my attempts to run away into new age therapies, spirituality, religion and philosophies -was all so in vain - as what remained after I removed the inner polarities of good/bad and the desire to be more than my physicality - was truly a relief as I threw off the layers of expectations placed upon me by myself and through this world I had created through all the definitions and values of what it means to be human.

Join us either on the forums or in the DesteniIProcess Lite (where you first develop writing skills and become familiar with the tools used in DIP Pro) or DIP Pro - for those who are already comfortable with writing and self-disciple to take on the conscious, subconscious and unconscious conditioning through consistency and dedication.

For other Life Reviews: The Crazy Mother and Superman of the Streets

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Atlantis -- The untold History -- (Exclusive) -- Atlantis


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Self-Forgiveness and Writing - a compilation of Support Videos and Documentation

I have structured all the relevant videos and blogs/articles in one supportive document for the people who write on the Demonology Forum. I then decided to place the compilation here on my blog as well, 'cos its so cool:

Therefore to assist one in walking the point of self support within ones 'mind-demon' experiences - below are the key components of the Desteni process of 'Writing Oneself to Freedom':


Examples of Writing yourself to Freedom:


In this Post I provide examples of how to start writing Self-Forgiveness:

Examples of Self-Forgiveness:

More Guidance on Self-Forgiveness:



Self-Correction and Self -Movement:

Working with your Thought:




Common Sense:

More Videos:

More Writings:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2012: The Parable of the Prodigal Son - Revisited

2012: What is Effective Self Forgiveness?