Monday, June 28, 2010

Practicality of the Desteni Material Part 1

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  1. Hi this is Andrea from the Desteni Farm. I would like to speak to everybody about a point that I have noticed with a lot of the people who are participating on the Desteni forum, on the Desteni website and also within the course that we are offering and the one point that I have become aware of that I would like to discuss with everyone and get some feedback is where people have listened to the Desteni material within which we explain that we are not mind systems. We are not actually ‘the mind’ meaning who we are, are beings that are in the physical and that within our original design we were created with the mind as the mind consciousness system which consists of programs, systems and designs which direct us in our day to day behavior through patterns and predictable behavior, through which we’ve programmed ourselves and allowed ourselves to be programmed since we were very young. You know you went to school and you listened to your parents, to your church, the people around you, your siblings and you allowed yourself to be programmed according to what others were doing in your environment and according to that you grew up and you accepted this programming to be valid because you saw that everyone around you was doing the same thing. You grew up and you accepted your own self programming and as you left school and you entered the work system and ‘the system’ you would have adapted and we all adapted our personalities to fit into the Money System and the existing Systems to be able to survive….