Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DesteniIProcess Support: Moving through Resistances while Blogging/Vlogging

This is a support Blog for those who are experiencing difficulty moving through resistances as they Blog and Vlog in general or specifically within the DesteniIProcess. If you find that your mind as ‘BackChat’ is constantly telling you through thoughts, feelings or pictures that you are not changing, not ‘feeling’ better, not moving or that you are not experiencing yourself differently – then here are some basic guidelines to identify whether you are in a point of self-doubt as self-sabotage or if the points you are self forgiving require further direction as a point of specific self-correction. The point of the entire process is for us to apply ourselves within the material and to document our day to day experiences and any realisations we have.

If one for example starts doubting whether you should be in the DesteniIProcess due to you not changing – then the point here is that you are not questioning whether you should be a part of the DIP - however you 'feel' that your blogs and vlogs are ineffective because you are not experiencing any change because you are fearing actual letting go and changing. This fear as you are able to see for yourself is not real - it is an accepted role you have taken on in your life due to who you are with and who and what you fear losing if you change. You might find that you don't feel you are effectively moving through the points because you are dependent on someone in a relationship. The Mind will tell you through ‘BackChat’ that you or your blog/vlogs are ‘not good enough’ or that ‘the process does not work’ – however what is really happening is that you are actually not willing to change as you are dependent on and have accepted yourself as you are due to survival linked to ego, money or a point of self-acceptance existent currently within your world. The hardest part I found when faced with letting go of my past definitions of ‘not being good enough and being stupid’ so that I could accept me – was actually... letting go of the self-definition of ‘not being good enough and feeling stupid’. Therefore for our self forgiveness to be effective we have to make the decision to let go of those self definitions within realising they are not who we are and are not what is best for all/ourselves. If you do not yet see Self within this ‘Equality Equation’ then your self-forgiveness is useless. So I suggest the following:

Make a list of all the points you have been working on over the last few months. Then next to each point you write down where within the point have you not been able to stop and self forgive. Then you write down why you have not let go and forgiven and self corrected. Here you will start observing an interesting point - where you are holding onto points/the past because you are in conflict with your current role as you have accepted it within your world. Then the next step is to observe: is direct change as self correction required to change a pattern or does a pattern simply require daily writing as support - such as:

I Accept me
I Am here
I stop limiting myself
I love me
I Support me
I Direct me in all situations as what is best for me, as that which is best for all
I Breath
I stop Self definition according to people/things and events outside of me, I stand here the same always as Self-Acceptance in Self Support.

These self corrective statements - which you could call ‘affirmation’s I have had to speak and write at some stage daily for months - as a point of re-programming. This information is specifically in relation to self-definitions you are de and re programming within yourself. The other patterns where you actually have to stop participating in your world such as:

allowing abuse
allowing abusive conversations
allowing abusive relationships
compromising around people and places

- these environment/people specific patterns you will only change by stopping and not participating – which becomes part of your common sense development. This is your personal process because only you in your self-honesty will be able to make the decisions necessary to stop accepting and allowing (self) abusive patterns within your world.

First observe the above mentioned points and perhaps this can become something you can do short blogs or vlogs about. A suggestion - take it slow - take one point you observe and vlog or blog about it - breathe and do the next vlog when you are ready to apply the next point such as breaking a pattern through non participation/breathing. Then this allows you to make a few Vlogs because one pattern will consist of many environmental factors/triggers points/memories/feelings/thoughts/physical behaviors. Explore one pattern to its fullest and go as deep as you see. Each Vlog can for example be about one point within a pattern:

1. Abusive friendships: The words spoken
2. Abusive friendships: What my friends represent about me
3. Abusive friendships: How I created the friendship as a pattern from my childhood
4. Abusive friendships: When I allow anger within friendships
5. Abusive friendships: Self Forgiveness
6. Abusive friendships: Self Correction and Self-responsibility

Remember not to use people's names -the vlogs are an overview of your experience within the pattern. By you slowing the entire point down and opening a point up you are showing others how to do it.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Consumerism vs Common Sense

Consumerism by its own definition and in its essence means to consume things. It relies on a market which relies on people wanting and needing things. For people to want things the media has impulsed us op believe that what we require goes beyond physical necessity, to the unquenchable experience of ourselves to be more than this physical existence. Therefore consumerism aims at the energy body – meaning, that the media serve as the center through which humans are impulsed to seek gratification and fulfillment on an energy level. Because energy like an orgasm can never fully be quenched as a living consistent expression as the physical – because energy dissipates – the human like a junky will seek more and higher ways of getting their energy fix. That is how the media which are used by the corporations will impulse people through pictures which resonate at a symbolic level. That is why you will never be satisfied. You might buy your new flat screen tv today, but by next month, you have forgot about the initial energy rush you felt based on how the new TV made you feel. When you purchased the new tv you were accessing resonant designs within yourself such as self-worth, self-value and self acceptance. We are symbols (a picture presentation of our pre-programing) resonating according to what symbols as pictures we interact with in our world. According to our pre-programmed design as who we have become as our current personality we will interact with the resonant symbols of objects and people according to how our design responds to the symbolic design of the object/person. According to this for example you will like something or dislike something or get a specific ‘feeling’ from an object/person while getting a different feeling when around the next object/person. These feelings are created through our resonances as they resonate according to how our living symbology resonates to the symbology of the object. Just like cogs in a watch that slot into each other causing movement and functioning.

Your resonant symbol therefore could be a ‘lack of self worth’ and the symbol of the flat screen tv is ‘worth due to acquiring this big flashy symbol in society’. Now you are faced with buying the flat screen tv and you start feeling good at the idea of this new tv. What you are experiencing is your resonances, resonating to the symbolic picture as the ‘flat screen tv’ as you have already programmed its symbolic worth within the system. So as humans we are taught by our parents that to have worth you must gain and accomplish things through doing things and participating in this world. Because we have grown up accepting this as our resonant living symbols, we are now ‘receptive’ to the flat screen tv resonating its symbolic worth and impulsing us to resonantly change ourselves to the point of feeling good when thinking of buying it and having it in our lounge. So then you buy the tv and now you feel good. The media functions according to pictures and how pictures make people feel. So there you have the key to how and why pictures, colours and the feelings you get from it is used so extensively by the media.

That is why all humans strive for external verification of self-worth. That is why we have become energy beings completely disregarding the fact that firstly we exist in the physical by the grace of the physical. If planet earth stops providing for our basic needs we are screwed. If the physical body stops breathing we are dead. We abuse the animal and plant kingdom who are currently in a position of providing for us. We abuse the gods of the physical who truly are providing for the physical. God does not provide for me – the physical reality does. Currently the physical reality as nature, plants, and the animal kingdom does so because we have forced it upon these beings. They did not have a say. Now we have an opportunity to align ourselves here as the physical, to be able to say we are one and equal here as this physical reality. To do so – and this I realise for myself – I stop worrying about energy and feeling good and being some enlightened masters of what I read in a book. The physical reality does not require special knowledge only applicable to energy – meaning: If you read about something and your react energetically – then you know you are busy with knowledge and information which is useless to this physical reality. The physical already functions at a level that we are not comprehending because we are too busy feeding the mind with energy. To stand one and equal to this physical reality as ‘god’ which provides for us, we have to start developing common sense and self-honesty in considering what is required for all to exist in the physical.

Participating in Energy: It is through the ‘energy body’ that we as humanity seek to have certain experiences. You see the energy body only moves in relation to things which we have given value to as our resonant symbology which exists as ideas separate from ourselves. Therefore energy can only move within you if you have just ‘had an experience/resonated with something’ and having an experience is like saying ‘this thing which I experienced’ caused me to attach a value to it based on what my parents taught me. When having any particular experience the mind remembers that I have labeled such experiences as good and will now generate energy for me through the resonances which is categorised as ‘feeling good’. This is how we designate the value to a symbol according to what we were taught by our parents/society. We avoid the bad feelings to get the good feelings and by accepting the definition of good and bad from childhood we have trained the mind through perceptions of things to respond to our world by either giving us nice feelings or bad feelings. This we have already created. Look at it for yourself. The more we allow the concept of consumerism for example the more we create points within our world that can give us good feelings and bad feelings. So not only are we completely fucking our planet and ourselves through increased consumerism and product creation – but we are also duplicating objects globally that cause us to react energetically. Our world becomes a ping pong table. Eventually everything in our world will have an energy signature for us and we won’t be able to move from point A to B without connecting to an energy point.

It is like walking through a sweet shop. As you walk down the aisles your eye catches each delicious chocolate. Every second that your eye falls on a chocolate you experience a tinge of delight and want. Our reality has become a chocolate shop. And the more our addiction grows to stimulate the more we have to create products to fill the blank spots in the world. Eventually this planet will look like a chocolate shop – each space of what was once nature for example will be lined with malls with big glass windows displaying products. And the bigger our need for self value the bigger the energy reaction will have to be. So that which we create will have to stimulate us extensively. Look at how the world functions now for example according to the secret mind. Things like rape 30 years ago would have been your more basic rape where a man traps a woman and rapes her. Now rape consists of internet gangs, rape porn, anime, rape literature and clubs that people belong to where you play rape games and depending on which club you belong to and how much money you have can even kill someone. Even rape itself has because increasing disgusting and has branched out to the crudest forms of expression. Everything in this world is compounding more and more as our needs for the ultimate energy experience increases.

So let us observe for example advertisements on television and in magazines/newspapers. Have you noticed how the ads used today do not represent the product in its actual simplicity/capacity? Now advertisers use colours, body behaviours, seductive or emotionally enticing words, sexual context/promiscuity and even the promise of absolute happiness. Advertising 40 years ago would have said ‘to properly clean your clothes use this washing powder. Nowadays they will have a sparkly eyed housewife with all kinds of behavioural manipulations going on with the use of very specific colours and wordings – promising you that as a successful person/woman this product is part of your ticket to personal success. The focus in advertising has shifted immensely in the last 50 years to more extensively impulse people through our hidden desires and needs, to buy more and consume. So the question then comes up – is this why scientists and psychologists do not actually support people in being self-directive?. Is that why science is circling around the same knowledge and information not telling people that Self has always been at the center of everything, and is therefore the solution to all deception? Is that why the field of psychology for example will imply a vast amount of guessing and abdicating to our chemical structure instead of self-responsibility

Monday, February 14, 2011

Blame and Self-Responsibility

Blame and Self-Responsibility.

When reading the blog of myself or another and you react in anger – I suggest the following. Observe within yourself what it is that you reacted to. Did you react to me speaking about your religion or about a political factor? What was your reaction – did you react to what I wrote in anger, frustration, or did you feel an energy rise up from within your gut and up your spine which consumes you, resulting in angry thoughts towards me including swear words or death threats?

Here you have identified a mind possession based in wanting to protect yourself as your opinions. You will find that you are for example not even reading what I am saying, because your mind immediately went to your opinion on the matter and compared what I was saying to what you believe. Now you miss for example the context within which I am communicated which would be to question our reality to find solutions that are according to what is best for all. You now attack a word or a sentence within my blog because you are protecting your opinion.

This will often be the context within which I address world systems – to reveal and discuss the actuality of what we as humanity accept and allow. You do not actually require any specific ability, only self-honesty to ask the relevant questions, common sense to embrace what you realise and the self-will to be able to change you as the solution to the world problems. So when I am writing a blog I am sharing the simplistic equation of how this world functions. You and I are able to sit around a table and discuss how the world really functions and you will find that behind your opinions are the actual facts. In my Blogs I communicate about the actual actions and allowances of humanity as the direct causes, not something metaphysical which I am guessing at based on what I want it to be - based on my knowledge I accepted through what ‘society’ has accepted.
A suggestion for people who react to my blogs or to the blogs of someone who writes about the world and how we are responsible for everything we as humanity have always accepted and allowed – if you find yourself reaction - I suggest firstly note in relation to what you reacted. This indicates what it is that you hold onto as a point of self-value. Now ask yourself why your opinion has never changed the world and cannot stand as a practical solution for all to live? Why and how do we know that no opinion has ever served what is best for all? Because if that were the case – and your opinions deserved justification and recognition – then the world would not be in this situation. Your opinion would not be a thought which moved within your mind connected to energetic reactions as emotions and feelings and would in fact be a liveable practical solution which can be lived by all equally. Liveable solutions which consider what is best for all for example will not:

1. Support further designs of enslavement and illusion as religion, culture, class, polarity, division, ego, personality etc
2. Does not create separation in the being as the mind based on individualism and ‘freedom of choice’ which means ‘I want to be able to have this/do this’ – I am not worried about anyone else or the consequences of what I have globally.
3. Does not become a belief which is not a physically manifested point but rather something in the mind of the believer.
4. And is not dependent on your survival and contribution to the capitalist system.
You will find that many of your opinions you are firstly able to recognise are part of your personality through which you have learnt to survive in the world based on the requirement and movement of money.

So considering what is best for all, is to read someone’s writings from within the only context which is valid – stop deception and find liveable solutions for all to Live as the Physical as ‘what is best for all’. In my Blogs I will focus on writing about the world systems and how they are created and what they are there for. This is actually quite simplistic because all you require to do is be self-honest about why something is there, why people use it and what the consequences are for others, nature and the planet and what the outflows will be for the future of mankind.
Let us share insight into the current world systems, while observing our reactions to Fear of Loss of the world Systems.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A head in the freezer and an angry crowd

Local Newspaper headline: ‘No Bail for Local Healer’. A traditional healer was arrested in South Africa on allegations of dealing in human body parts. The police searched his house and found various human remains such as the head of an 18 year old that had gone missing days before, human intestines and female body parts.

At the court hearing the state apposed bail for the seriousness of his crime and outside the court three busloads of community members from the area where he killed the youngster descended upon the court protesting, yelling hate speech and demanding that the killer is not granted bail.The picture in the newspaper represents the zealousness of the protesters, cheering and making it very clear how they hate this man.

Question is - Is it real concern or are these people projecting the real problems within their society onto one man’s actions – based on the emotional energy generated by all involved. You see the minute you think of a murder where a man beheads someone to use the head in some form of sinister, magical, ritualistic healing process – already the mind jumps at the opportunity to react in all kinds of ways. Your mind starts producing feelings of shock, because our reference points to such gruesome events have been impulsed through the media to produce shock which produces fear. Fear produces adrenaline, which ends up stimulating and entertaining people. Therefore the reaction to this man’s deeds was predominantly due to the fear generated through imagery, based on our fear of the darkest nature of ourselves.

Addiction to energy based on fear – which is generated through the media for example, is the one of the contributing factors why these same protesters don’t protest simply because of the high levels of corruption in our governments which has been happened daily, escalating yearly since the elections in 1996. None of the protesters have the same kind of vigor for the following very real life changing problems we face in South Africa within most families:

Unemployment Rate:

‘The unemployment rate for the first quarter of 2010 increased 0,9 of a percentage point to 25,2%, Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) said on Tuesday.

The survey found that the total number of unemployed was 4,3-million for the first quarter of 2010.

Employment declined by 171 000 between the fourth quarter of 2009 and the first quarter of 2010, with the formal sector losing 140 000 jobs and the informal sector shedding 100 000.

In the first quarter, the biggest job losses were in finance, which shed 126 000 jobs, and construction, which shed 64 000.

Full Article:

(http://www.mg.co.za/article/2010-05-04-stats-south-africa-unemployment-rate-increases, Last updated 18 Feb 2011)

2. Minimum Wage Widely ignored


3. Rape Statistics


4. Government fraud


The misplaced rage of the population towards the above mentioned murder for example also indicated to one the level of mind control – because the governments as the ‘powers that be’ have trained people into believing that you cannot go up against the government – however you can fight against the individual together with the government’s help. This creates the polarity of Hopelessness and Anger – because people can see there is a problem but experience themselves as having no actual means of changing what is here. The easiest is to stick to the governments and powers in place out of fear of Survival within the system itself. Therefore it is also easier for people to condemn a man for his ‘business choices’ rather than condemning a government whose ‘business choice’ is to control people while robbing them.

The explosive reaction for example to this man killing people does not equate in people’s minds against the generalised problems faced by most South Africans – like government fraud, company fraud, crime and crimes committed by the religious against life. The focus has been placed on this event because from a young age we are taught that such killings are gruesome and of ‘evil’. That is why the camera man taking the photo at this hearing was very specific to capture the protesters at their most reactive, shouting with arms raised, protest banners shoved at the cameral – and angry, hateful words spewed at anyone who would listen. This one event gets more reactive consideration that any of the other major crimes which is happening all over the world and within South Africa, every day. The protesters will continue to vote for the same government and will belong to the same religion that is responsible for war, abuse and suffering. Take a look at the news and you will notice that the predominant factors in the world are:

Starvation – why does no one questions the money system?

Unemployment – why does no one questions their contribution to the population problem?

Intolerance and war based on religion – why does no one questions why religion exists?

These debates and wars have been fought for hundreds of years over gods and human rights. Yet nothing is resolved. More beings are killed because of religion and the current money system. The question is why does one murder get this amount of attention when the atrocities allowed by humanity are accepted by all? If all who have a reaction to the murders of one man stand up to all abuse and murder which is accepted daily in the name of capitalism/consumerism and religion – then we will actually see change happening. The question then is why don’t people protest at the murders happening every day all day long in the name of man’s existence? Is it because the reaction we allow to singular events generates energy – to which we have become addicted. Are we as humanity actually just addicted to abuse and suffering and that is why we will protest and shout to the smaller events but complete play dumb when it comes to the world problems affecting our lives?

The next question that is not being considered is why did this traditional healer decide to kill people to use or sell the body parts? Where did the demand come from? People need to realise that all such actions are relative to the state of capitalism and how we as the consumers have given permission to and value to the existing capitalist system. The body parts that the traditional healer was marketing or using served a purpose - what is that purpose?

In South Africa It is believed by some, that magic used by witch doctors can turn one’s fortune around and assist one in life in getting what you want. During such spells the witch doctor will use ‘muti’ - The word ‘muti’ is a Zulu word meaning ‘medicine’. African traditions ascribe supernatural properties to these medicines derived from both plant and animal sources. The belief is that human organs or other body parts increases the power of muti. Is this not what the Capitalistic system and the system of Human existence currently exist upon – the individualistic desire for fame, recognition and money?

Therefore the question comes up, why do people want to improve their fortune? What is the real crime of humanity that we have allowed to escalate to this point where we will abuse and kill each other in the name of money and self-interest? Therefore humanity as a whole has allowed this point to emerge as ‘the nature of man’ through which we give things value through the system of money, desire, beauty, ownership, ego, comparison, culture, religion etc. All human participation is done from the starting point of self-interest. Each one though will seek to find their power and self acceptance through different means. This is done through the existing money system – because it is currently designed that through money one can obtain self-value. This does not even cover the fact that most people simply struggle to feed their families. All suffering therefore is either due to beings simply trying to survive or those who have money meaning they have the basics in place, abusing those who need to work to survive so that we can strive to attain self-enjoyment and self validation through what money buys.

Research: Equal Money System

Friday, February 4, 2011

Woman killed by train in fleeing from police

I was reading a newspaper article on illegal immigrant who had been living as a vagrant together with about a hundred other vagrants - who was killed by a train after the police arrived to chase them from where they were living ‘illegally.’

The SAPS (police) spokesman was quoted as saying that ‘the police cannot be blamed for such an incident. Yes the police and the governments who allow for the existence of poverty and the human race who allow for the existence of rich/poor can never be blamed for anything that happens to the lives of the beings who exist on this planet. The fact that all live is born here Equally from the physical does not matter to the human. We have come to accept and allow that lives are dispensable if and when they interfere with the rich remaining rich and the survival of the middle class. Therefore an incident like this reflects the following – that as the human race we do not care about each other – we care about making money. We do not care about the Abuse and Death in the name of Money as long as it is not a rich person or a person who contributes to the capitalist system that is dying or being abused. The only time we pay attention to the death of someone due to circumstances which are based in greed and protection of the wealthy is when it entertains those who read the newspaper.

Therefore those who read the newspaper and only feel curiosity and hopelessness – are actually responsible for the death of the person/plant/animal about who the article is written. Why? Because as long as we allow the Economic/Capitalist system which exists so that we can Live - as it currently is and merely read with a slight feeling of ‘shame; for the being – we are directly observing Abuse for our Survival. This is obviously what the Capitalist system is designed on – the Abuse of Life on this planet so that most can say ‘I survive’. Therefore a blind eye is turned against the reality of what we read in the newspaper. We do not see these events as direct, accountable actions which we are accountable and self-responsible for – we see these events as somewhat sad but really not our fault. The connection has not been made between the event and our participation and acceptance of the world systems.

So this immigrant dies and no-one is to blame. The focus of the article is to evoke our emotions and feelings and to get us to feel fear and trepidation about the system – and was not written from a perspective of how this really happened, and what can be done to correct such world problems, globally as a sustainable solution that will stop such events from happening again. The short term emotional response leaves the reader somewhat apprehensive and now the being thinks about how this lady died from a shallow perspective – meaning: you will read the article and you will have an emotional reaction. Thoughts will come up in your mind which allow you to ‘wonder’ for a brief moment how this could happen to you and your family and how to prevent this. We do not for a moment actually look behind the veil and see what the real problem is as the world systems – we only view the incident through a filter, which allows us to quickly process how to prevent our lives from turning out that bad, that we have to live in squalor, fending for our lives, moving from park to park just to be able to sleep and not get robbed/raped, avoiding both criminal and police, After all, in the end being chased by the police could result in jail or even death. That is why in this article as in most articles the police take a back seat and proclaim they are not responsible. This is specifically placed so that they do not have to walk hand in hand with the public but create the perception of being behind us, watching and chasing us and doing so secretly in the name of something else. Therefore implying that they will destroy us if the need be to protect the wealthy and then proclaim – that they were not responsible - therefore ‘you had it coming.’

What happens inside you when you read these type of articles? Inside oneself you decide that you will keep your job, no matter what strain it places on you. You will pay your taxes (the fear of going against the big man) and you will abide by all the rules given to you by your government. That way you will remain safe and keep yourself and your family from being chased, abused, murdered, raped, sold or killed. The actual fear that is driving people is impulsed from the media –that is why the real story of why that woman died will never be told. The media, governments, criminologists etc will never use their clever advisors, cabinet members or researchers to actually dissect the world problems and see the causes for the problems, find direct sustainable solutions, find management teams to implement them and stop the madness. Therefore it will be you and I who see the problem and recognise the solution who will write about what we realize, place it for all to see and stand together as one voice. Through this we create waves of awareness which will eventually allow all to see and realize– that the way we live now and what we accept is not cool. If your child grows up to be that woman living on the street, running for her life just to be hit by a train rather than have to be caught by the police – would you shrug the event off? How many of your children would have to become that woman, to die tragically for you to pay attention and not just read the newspaper article for the sake of amusement?

If your answer is – ‘well it won’t happen to my child - I protect my children’. Then ask yourself the question – who will become that woman in the current capitalist system – oppressed through the system of labour and profit – so that your children are protected one day as adults in the system? I suggest always place yourself and your children in the shoes of those who pay the price so that the rest of humanity can chase our desires. My blogs will expose world events as they really happened. The cause, the consequences, the actuality of how our existing Money System directly and indirectly creates the abuse and suffering of millions and why i suggest an Equal money system from birth.