Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Desteni "I" Process - me walking Self Honety, Self-Forgiveness and the tools of Self-Correction

Today am writing about a Self-Support technique I have used for the last few years since I have started applying the tools of Self-Honesty, Self-Forgiveness and Self correction as suggested through the Desteni “I” Process. At the beginning of my Process I experiences as many do a Patterns and Cycle of Self Doubt, Anxiety and not knowing how to Direct myself within the points in my world I saw required direction. These Fears and insecurities had become a part of my personality and this ‘Self-Accepted Design’ was based on my Pre-Programming which largely had to do with the traits I inherited from my father and mother as well as that which I grew up believing about myself. When I started directing myself within my world and those aspects of my world I experienced as being ‘to much for me to do’ – I worked primarily with the following two aspects (as a guideline).

1. Firstly it is was to stop this Pattern which I had accepted and allowed which is confusion, anxiety, ‘not knowing what to do’, ‘keeping yourself anxious’, ‘not sleeping’. This 'stressed/anxious person’ obviously has no relevance because it in no way whatsoever assisted me to actually direct myself, it only served as a ‘state of being’, which I had come to accept and allow about myself. Here I focussed on stopping the participating in the 'state of being' which means - when I experienced any point coming up to breath, stop, do not allow the thoughts which takes me into anxiety, fear, etc. This is one step within the 'de-programming of self' which requires daily consistency. I found that it had taken me years to build up this pattern through constant participation as allowing thoughts to generate reactions as anxiety and fear (next I will get to ‘identifying the thoughts’). So the reaction part where I 'go into' the experience is where I now apply myself in stopping, breathing, and allowing oneself to focus on letting the energy which is anxiety or fear to move through and out the body as I breath. I allow the air from my lungs to breath in and fill the body, allowing all built up tension to be replaced by steady breathing. Through this I release the Patterns of tension. Initially I found myself having to focus on my breath application every few minutes as I work through this pattern.

2. Then I started writing down a list of the major points within my world I had difficulty directing effectively which had caused me to get to this point of anxiety/frustration with self. I wrote down for example the 5 major points – and underneath each one write down why I have allowed this point to compound to this - why did I not direct it in the time frame that it required direction. Here I noticed an interesting thing. I realised that as mentioned above I had now within myself accepted and allowed certain perceptions of myself which I had fed over time. These perceptions as my pre-programmed design of who I am within what I had become in this world - is not real. I participated in my self -programming because within this world I allowed myself to be impulsed to survive as the Mind because of Fear survival. Thus I was taken to a point of Survival as my own pre-programming - as personality. So based on what my fears are I had accepted and allowed myself to hide from that which I 'believe' I am not able to direct. So realising that my reactions and experiences are not real I then wrote down and did Self-Forgiveness on the idea and Self-Belief that all these points within my world are too much or too intense for me to direct.

Now I observe each 'problem' I had written down - which are aspects of myself as my world which requires directions. How does one now direct each point? I wrote about each point observing firstly why I had never directed it and what is required of me to direct the point. Now that I had written down the common-sensical - what is best for me (which is what is best for all) direction that requires to be taken: Now I was ready to take one point at a time and you walk the solutions.

So as an example let us say I was experiencing anxiety around doing my Blogs. I experienced and uneasiness when it came to writing about myself and applying Self-Forgiveness. When observing 'how' to direct this point I notices that the justifications that move are 'I don’t know how' or 'what if others think my writing is stupid'. These thoughts I identify because when it comes to the Self Forgiveness and Self Correction part – I apply myself within common sense - meaning: these fears and reasons are based in Ideas - therefore are not real. Therefore I apply self Forgiveness from the perspective that I give writing a value based on what ‘I thought’ about myself in relation to what ‘I thought’ others thought of me and now I am able to direct me to write unconditionally about everything, daily, practicing the tools of:

1. Becoming specific in what I write about

2. Applying Self Forgiveness on all points I have highlighted within my writings where I exist in pre-defined programming as Fear, limitation, ideas, personality - instead of living here Equal and One as the Physical.

Once I identify what each resistance was to 'not directing myself I observe that each ‘resistance’ was based in something that is not real. Because once I saw a point which required direction in my life and that it is what is best for me as what is best for all - then I made the decision to walk the steps of application within the point – and then one decides to stick to the self-application.

Sometimes I come across a point that in itself I believed must be directed however realised that the point in itself was not real. An example of this is ‘I feel that I should be more friendly like some of the other Desteni members (just an example). When writing about this point – I observe again what is the actual point - is it real, does it actually Support me or is it based on an Idea. I found that initially many of the points I struggles with were based on ideas I had of who I should be within this world based on morality of good/bad, nice/ugly/friendly/unfriendly/ pleasant/ not pleasant – instead of me directing me here in self-honesty in every moment – which does not require friendliness as ‘doing what is best for all’ is not an emotion or a polarity reaction – it is ‘what is best for all’.

Therefore I found it is important to write about each point I had not been able to direct effectively to find the polarity based ideas I created around it. I observed - ‘is the point actually real (actual points within your Physical world that requires your direction as self-support) or based on a belief? From this list I found the actual points which are supportive in my world, through which I now directed my day, my Life to Support me in becoming more effective.


  1. Cool Andrea, Thanks for Sharing.
    Interesting point about identifying those points within us that we perceive require direction, to find out that in itself is actually a "made-up" mind point.

  2. Digging down, and transcending points of self in polarity. Cool.

    Thanks for sharing, Andrea.


  3. Very Cool Practical Self-Support for each to Assist Oneself with and through. Thanks Andreski!

  4. Thanks Andrea - clear, effective support here - will refer back to this, as well as refer others to get an understanding of what it is to walk this processes practically. cool