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Demonology perspective on - Deconstructing Constructs and old Patterns

Demonology perspective on - Deconstructing Constructs and old Patterns

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So , while working with -deconstructing the constructs - at what point do you stop the patterns, while you are participating in them, by applying self forgiveness in the moment as it happens - thus stopping the energy addiction to the entire time loop? I suggest now to see if you are able to stop the patterns while you are participating in them. In this you will find that the relationship might change - because you are now longer walking the pattern, how it changes you will have to breathe through in the moment.

You have written allot of self forgiveness on points you realized after they happened. I suggest continue, as this strengthens ones 'self will in the moments when you face 'the pattern'. When in 'the pattern' only your self honesty will determine how you will continue participating in that which you created a long time ago - or to see them for what they are and apply the necessary steps to stop the pattern as it comes to an end, just to start again.

The mind will say 'but I have to win or I have to get him to appreciate me for who I am or what I am doing now' - I suggest be aware of this - as this is the same system of 'wanting a male to recognize you'. Remember at this stage even though you are walking through your relationship design - you are still it - therefore without actual clear statements based on what you will no longer say and do - you are simply changing the patterns - so they look different to you - who's starting point is mostly to prove something to yourself.

When one is walking process, basically alone, with only your previous self forgiveness here on the forum to assist -it is easy to allow oneself to remain in the same energy pattern - just sugar coating it to look different.

So - I suggest at this point start seeing if you are able to identify which points are now morphed into new points. You will be able to identify them because they take you into the same energy possession whether it is you saying to the male - 'please hug me' or you saying 'you know relationships are really just dishonesty'. The way that the relationship energy is obtained is changed within you, as you - and sometimes this is interpreted as 'I have changed and am directing my relationship' Are you able to say for sure that you are not repeating the same patterns but under different conversations and presentations?

I suggest write down how in the past you would participate in the pattern as your words, thoughts and deeds and how, if any - these points have changed and are now morphed through supportive backchat into different behaviors, words and self belief into a new 'picture' - but underneath you still react in pain, embarrassment and self hatred - when the male rejects 'you'.

Also give us feedback on any points where you have taken your self forgiveness statements through to living correction - in which you see within yourself that you remain consistent and do not change or revert back to old patterns.

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