Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A head in the freezer and an angry crowd

Local Newspaper headline: ‘No Bail for Local Healer’. A traditional healer was arrested in South Africa on allegations of dealing in human body parts. The police searched his house and found various human remains such as the head of an 18 year old that had gone missing days before, human intestines and female body parts.

At the court hearing the state apposed bail for the seriousness of his crime and outside the court three busloads of community members from the area where he killed the youngster descended upon the court protesting, yelling hate speech and demanding that the killer is not granted bail.The picture in the newspaper represents the zealousness of the protesters, cheering and making it very clear how they hate this man.

Question is - Is it real concern or are these people projecting the real problems within their society onto one man’s actions – based on the emotional energy generated by all involved. You see the minute you think of a murder where a man beheads someone to use the head in some form of sinister, magical, ritualistic healing process – already the mind jumps at the opportunity to react in all kinds of ways. Your mind starts producing feelings of shock, because our reference points to such gruesome events have been impulsed through the media to produce shock which produces fear. Fear produces adrenaline, which ends up stimulating and entertaining people. Therefore the reaction to this man’s deeds was predominantly due to the fear generated through imagery, based on our fear of the darkest nature of ourselves.

Addiction to energy based on fear – which is generated through the media for example, is the one of the contributing factors why these same protesters don’t protest simply because of the high levels of corruption in our governments which has been happened daily, escalating yearly since the elections in 1996. None of the protesters have the same kind of vigor for the following very real life changing problems we face in South Africa within most families:

Unemployment Rate:

‘The unemployment rate for the first quarter of 2010 increased 0,9 of a percentage point to 25,2%, Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) said on Tuesday.

The survey found that the total number of unemployed was 4,3-million for the first quarter of 2010.

Employment declined by 171 000 between the fourth quarter of 2009 and the first quarter of 2010, with the formal sector losing 140 000 jobs and the informal sector shedding 100 000.

In the first quarter, the biggest job losses were in finance, which shed 126 000 jobs, and construction, which shed 64 000.

Full Article:

(http://www.mg.co.za/article/2010-05-04-stats-south-africa-unemployment-rate-increases, Last updated 18 Feb 2011)

2. Minimum Wage Widely ignored


3. Rape Statistics


4. Government fraud


The misplaced rage of the population towards the above mentioned murder for example also indicated to one the level of mind control – because the governments as the ‘powers that be’ have trained people into believing that you cannot go up against the government – however you can fight against the individual together with the government’s help. This creates the polarity of Hopelessness and Anger – because people can see there is a problem but experience themselves as having no actual means of changing what is here. The easiest is to stick to the governments and powers in place out of fear of Survival within the system itself. Therefore it is also easier for people to condemn a man for his ‘business choices’ rather than condemning a government whose ‘business choice’ is to control people while robbing them.

The explosive reaction for example to this man killing people does not equate in people’s minds against the generalised problems faced by most South Africans – like government fraud, company fraud, crime and crimes committed by the religious against life. The focus has been placed on this event because from a young age we are taught that such killings are gruesome and of ‘evil’. That is why the camera man taking the photo at this hearing was very specific to capture the protesters at their most reactive, shouting with arms raised, protest banners shoved at the cameral – and angry, hateful words spewed at anyone who would listen. This one event gets more reactive consideration that any of the other major crimes which is happening all over the world and within South Africa, every day. The protesters will continue to vote for the same government and will belong to the same religion that is responsible for war, abuse and suffering. Take a look at the news and you will notice that the predominant factors in the world are:

Starvation – why does no one questions the money system?

Unemployment – why does no one questions their contribution to the population problem?

Intolerance and war based on religion – why does no one questions why religion exists?

These debates and wars have been fought for hundreds of years over gods and human rights. Yet nothing is resolved. More beings are killed because of religion and the current money system. The question is why does one murder get this amount of attention when the atrocities allowed by humanity are accepted by all? If all who have a reaction to the murders of one man stand up to all abuse and murder which is accepted daily in the name of capitalism/consumerism and religion – then we will actually see change happening. The question then is why don’t people protest at the murders happening every day all day long in the name of man’s existence? Is it because the reaction we allow to singular events generates energy – to which we have become addicted. Are we as humanity actually just addicted to abuse and suffering and that is why we will protest and shout to the smaller events but complete play dumb when it comes to the world problems affecting our lives?

The next question that is not being considered is why did this traditional healer decide to kill people to use or sell the body parts? Where did the demand come from? People need to realise that all such actions are relative to the state of capitalism and how we as the consumers have given permission to and value to the existing capitalist system. The body parts that the traditional healer was marketing or using served a purpose - what is that purpose?

In South Africa It is believed by some, that magic used by witch doctors can turn one’s fortune around and assist one in life in getting what you want. During such spells the witch doctor will use ‘muti’ - The word ‘muti’ is a Zulu word meaning ‘medicine’. African traditions ascribe supernatural properties to these medicines derived from both plant and animal sources. The belief is that human organs or other body parts increases the power of muti. Is this not what the Capitalistic system and the system of Human existence currently exist upon – the individualistic desire for fame, recognition and money?

Therefore the question comes up, why do people want to improve their fortune? What is the real crime of humanity that we have allowed to escalate to this point where we will abuse and kill each other in the name of money and self-interest? Therefore humanity as a whole has allowed this point to emerge as ‘the nature of man’ through which we give things value through the system of money, desire, beauty, ownership, ego, comparison, culture, religion etc. All human participation is done from the starting point of self-interest. Each one though will seek to find their power and self acceptance through different means. This is done through the existing money system – because it is currently designed that through money one can obtain self-value. This does not even cover the fact that most people simply struggle to feed their families. All suffering therefore is either due to beings simply trying to survive or those who have money meaning they have the basics in place, abusing those who need to work to survive so that we can strive to attain self-enjoyment and self validation through what money buys.

Research: Equal Money System

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