Monday, August 1, 2011

Demonology Forum perspective on: Writing 0neself to Freedom and Practical Corrections

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When I worked with the point of addiction and desiring happiness through energy experiences - the point which I realised would determine whether I continue participating in a pattern or not - was 'self honesty' within my self realization' - meaning:

once I realized what I was accepting and allowing within myself (and the world) as a system controlled by and through my own mind -

I then realized that actual self honesty is to do for self what is best for myself and not just speak it. This meant me no longer accepting justifications and excuses that i would use to go back into my patterns. I had seen what I was doing - now it was up to me as the self honesty of who I am to take self responsibility and walk the corrections.

This is where self forgiveness within effective writing is the key - where one assist yourself by stopping through effective letting go - until you are the living word of that which you wrote on the forum.

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