Monday, October 24, 2011

Fear of contact - Demonology Forum Perspective

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With regards to the point of projecting fear:

What you are experiencing is your pre-existent fear of yourself, which if not faced effectively through the tools of writings and self forgiveness - becomes a projected fear onto others and your world. Therefore it was suggested in other posts - to specifically start focusing on taking apart all your beliefs, ideas, fears - to write out ones whole life if necessary to find out how you constructed you. In walking backwards in time through your life experiences and applying self forgiveness - one is able to de-construct all the layers that you exists as now called personality. You will find that everything you are now, exists as layers of past memories.

Therefore 'What if I just picked up a disease from touching a door handle or something?' exists as a projected fear from the layers of fears you have compounded over the years towards yourself into an obsessive behavior.

For example - 'fear of contact because something is unclean and you could infect others' is based on the residual fear within you that you are unclean - that there is something inside of you that is unseen and could make you ill. It is that part of you that cannot be trusted. Why is that? So the suggestion here is to go deeper into your fear of yourself based on an idea you have of yourself -which you have already highlighted in previous posts. Once you have written about this point through to self forgiveness and self correction - I suggest to start writing about your life. While writing about each life event - go into detail with regards to how you experienced it and how it influenced who you are now. From there you apply self forgiveness on each point you have realized. Once you have covered all the point - you can move on. This is a consistent process one commits to in daily or weekly writing.

Start writing and we will assist if necessary to indicate where specificity and further self forgiveness is required.


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