Monday, November 28, 2011

Can Desteni be stopped by the Elite?

The aim and purpose of Desteni is to bring about a world where people live one and equal to the best possible existence – for all. This will function one two levels – which ties in with the current function and focus of Desteni – which is to bring about an Equal Money System, which will end the abuse experienced within the current capitalist system and also to allow each person the opportunity to really change into a fully functional person that is not limited as we currently are by the mind. All of this has already been explained in many Desteni videos and articles as well as within the Blogs and Vlogs of the members.

The Equal Money System and the Desteni self-purification process go hand in hand – because by implementing an Equal Money System people will have the time and opportunity to change through applying the tools necessary to face oneself within how you have designed yourself.

What Desteni currently focuses on is the designing of structured courses together with the release of videos and blogs to assist people in self-change and self-awareness. The sharing of information about how we have applied the tools and how we have changed is the most valuable source of assistance to those on the internet who are willing to assist themselves. Therefore we find that when people realize that their current experience of themselves is not what is best for them, then they will find the support necessary on our forums, website and through searching the internet where they will find the thousands of personal experiences of the people who are already applying the material within their lives. This of self-support is available for everyone and therefore nobody can stop Desteni as we are real people with real voices who share how we have all changed to become more functional, self-supportive beings. The ‘proof’ so to speak is ‘in the pudding’ – and no Elitist can deny any participant within the Desteni material their voice on the internet and the key is that people who ask for assistance will find it simply by joining the forums or doing an internet search where they will find someone like themselves who faced the same inner problems/obstacles and who overcame them using the tools of writing, self forgiveness, self honesty and self responsibility.

The Equal Money System is driven in the same way. We record videos and write blogs about each aspect of how the Equal Money System will function and how it will change the world as it currently exists. We show current world events and we indicate clearly using basic equations, how the abuse and suffering that exists in the world today, will change once we implement firstly the Basic Income Grant and then the final solution ‘The Equal Money System.’

Again once people start realizing for themselves, usually from within personal experience of loss and abuse within the current capitalist system, that we cannot continue this way, then yet again they will find the material and research we are making available on the internet about the Equal Money System. Once people start grouping together as we have already established, then we will find more and more people as the voices of the world, expressing their perspectives and their support for the system that will value Life. From there it will eventually become a democratic choice through majority rule, and once the majority start voicing themselves – the politicians will have to listen. Right now people believe that there is no alternative and that the current system is the only way and that is the reason why they not willing to speak up. By leading the way, we are making it possible for the future generations and those who do not yet have a voice, to stand up and be accountable within this world, therefore through visibility and consistency in our application, more and more people are realizing that there is a solution for themselves and the world as it currently exists. The Elitists are the minority within the world and therefore the tide will turn on who has a say and who directs the world systems.

Those who have already realized that a change is the only solution to stopping the world abuse within the current capitalist system, are speaking and writing and educating themselves within politics, psychology, law etc -to be able to take an effective stand within the system, so that once the time comes we will be able to stand as the ‘system’ to support the majority rule, when they decide it is time for a change.

Therefore the Elite cannot change or stop the voice of the people who will realize and insist on a change. The elite cannot stop the people who want to change their inner experiences and utilize the methods of Desteni, tested and used daily by thousands of people. That is the key behind self-realization – nobody can do it for you and nobody can take it away from you – because it is your self honesty as who you are. Desteni and its members therefore exist as the tools and examples through which each will realize themselves. Self-Realization is the only way to stop enslavement and to stop the cycles of master/servant that currently exists within all world system.

Once somebody lifts the veil on their own self-belief and belief of the world and they take a stand – then nobody but themselves direct them in who they are and what they become. Desteni is the tool to self-empowerment, and therefore the Elite cannot stop the change of people, and this I know because we prove this everyday.

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