Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Will I not lose free choice in an Equal Money System?

Some common sense considerations with regards to free choice'

• If you have limited vocabulary where you lack the ability to make all choice, do you still have free choice?

• Slavery is where the free choice of some is being paid for with others having no choice.

• if your free choice enslaves others-it is abuse

• Free choice seem to have degrees of freedom and the ability to perceive/understand the reality

• a person that cannot understand that Jesus is dead will have a different value system and free choice than one that understand a human only goes so far with nails through the hands on a cross.

If you look at the current situation within the world, you can see that nobody really has 'free choice'. You cannot go where you want and do what you want without money. Therefore Free choice is subject to and an outflow of 'having money'.

Therefore in an Equal Money system what will become available to all humans? The ability to participate in the world equally with everyone else. What we produce and what we allow as entertainment, food, goods, etc will all be voted upon and agreed upon by all. The principles upon which such decisions will be based is as following: In an Equal Money System we will produce and create products and services which do not harm another. The labor system will produce that which we require according to what was voted upon and any abusive practice will be disregarded as we will no longer allow some humans to have and experience at the cost of another. All of this will be taken into consideration and ways will be found for goods and services to be produced and maintained where no body is harmed in the process. Therefore, to add to this, Free Choice will go hand in hand with self responsibility. Hand in Hand with the Equal Money System will go the realization of humanity that for us to not repeat the past we have to change within ourselves. That means that we will have to change what we have given value to thus far. As soon as we become aware of what has harmed and that we do not have to repeat the past - we will be in a position to produce goods and services that are equal to our decision to live self responsibly.

Free Choice therefore will go hand in hand with principled living - the awareness of what we do, what are the consequences and how does that affect those we share this planet with. Here we will bring in the principle for example of 'do to your neighbor that which you would like to be done unto you'. Start becoming aware of what you choose as part of your Free choice because the consequences if any, is yours just as much as another's. Therefore in an Equal Money System we will became aware of principles decisions based on doing what is best for all. So within doing what is best for all - we are not going to want goods and services that are harmful to another, because this affects us as well, as we will exist in the same world where all participate in the labor system. Committees will exist to watch how the implementation of something affects all. Therefore for some it might not be easy initially to see the consequences of our creations, and that is why the committees exist, to discuss the outflows of what we produce or create.

Free Choice is also limited within the current world system due to people not having the same level of education. How can you make an informed choice if you do not have all the information? So other than money, knowledge about the world, your options and yourself, limit people within the current system to really be able to choose freely. So within an Equal Money system, education will be another point that is equal for all. This will give each the opportunity to fully expand on the knowledge of the world and themselves, thus your ability to choose what you would like to do, see, eat or experience takes everything into consideration.

The next point that hampers free choice in our current world is ignorance in the form of culture and religion. If you are taught from young that a god sits in the sky and watches you and that he has rules for you to live according to, or else you go to a place called hell - then you are condemned to a life of limitation based on your beliefs. In an Equal Money system we will start educating ourselves in how reality really functions. This includes educating ourselves in how this physical reality really functions. Therefore the emphasis will shift in an Equal Money System from what it is now, where people control each other for survival, to an open, self honest community, where everyone only wants what is best. You will find in time that all fear based beliefs that currently only exist in the minds of people will be questioned as we remove the biggest survival point which is around money.

From this free choice will develop because people are no longer directed by fear in the form of world institutions, and instead we will direct ourselves according to the physical reality, where we live to experience ourselves fully each day.

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