Sunday, January 1, 2012

I experienced the spirit of Christmas!

On Christmas day I was driving home from town. On the way to the farm where I live we drive past a town ship called 'Happy Valley'. Whoever named the town ship Happy Valley must have been nuts or a white capitalist who thought themselves funny - because how can one consider these people who live in squalor every day, faced with poverty - to experience themselves as 'happy'.

If you don’t know what a South African Town ship is - it is a South African suburb or city of predominantly black occupation, formerly designated for black occupation by apartheid legislations -and nowadays is where all the people live who earn minimum wages or are unemployed- which is South Africa consists of your largest part of the population - black people.

Most townships, especially from the bigger cities are writhe with gang activates and interracial hatred/competition. As I am driving past this township, on the side of the road is a man and a woman talking. As I am approaching I can see that it is a heated debate and at some point the woman throws her arms in the air and attempts to turn around and walk away. As I am a few meters away I see the man grab her turn her around and proceed to give her a few slaps. The car behind me stopped to assist. I did not want to stop at this point as a white female getting out next to a township to assist two drunk people might not go well.

I realized yet again that this is the reality of our world. On christmas day most people drink to apparently celebrate something that has something to do with the birth of some dude a very long time a go. Everyone pretends on christmas to give a fuck about some jesus guy, while the real reason for participating in christmas is to eat, drink and receive presents. Seriously in our reality christmas has about as much to do about celebrating jesus as it has to do with celebrating the existence of satan in the hearts of man. Yes we all blame satan for living in the hearts of man, but the only thing that really lives in the hearts of man is... man. So yet again christmas is an example of the corrupt nature of the human and the lies we use to cover up what we are really busy with. The drunk couple getting into a fight, also pretended at the beginning of the day to want to celebrate christmas. Maybe they had a decent meal, maybe they shared presents. In a township, writhe with poverty - who knows how they celebrated christmas. But one thing is for sure - they used the christmas day event as an excuse to drink their sorrows away. Therefore for those living in squalor, the day yet again ended with them having to face their reality. The reality of poverty, unemployment, abusive circumstances, rape, gangs, political instability and the list goes on. The reality of those living in poverty is that jesus is not going to save them and celebrating his birth is only a means of escaping your life for yet another day.

The only solution for those who are trapped in abuse and poverty is to have the same options as the rest of us elitists have. The option to eat, to have a roof over your head, medical care, transportation, education and the ability to grow as a human being. The humans we have become now are all just surviving and are all just products of the past. The people living in the town ships are all just products of the past - in which it was decided that white people will rule over black people. Now we face the consequences of what we allowed in the past because now we have a race of people in South Africa living out the vicious cycles of apartheid which told them they were slaves to white people. Due to the mind set that has been generated over the years we now see the end product of apartheid - the mind set of squalor, hatred, self-defeat and self abuse. The politicians of course promise that they will make life easier for these people by making sure they have their basic requirements. Does that happen - no of course not - the politicians do not care - they only want to get on the gravy train. So caught in the middle you have the people living out their self definition from generations of self acceptance caught in a capitalist system that does not care.

The first stage of the Equal Money System will be the Basic Income Grant:

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  1. great blogpost. At first I thought you were going to write: "and he gave her a few stabs", but then I saw " a few slaps"