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Embattled president bows to intense pressure from protesters

Within the current capitalist system protesting and the resignation of presidents, wont make a difference. We need to change the current money system to that of an Equality Based World System which removed profit and greed based actions and ensures all people receive an income from birth to ensure all live a dignified life. To do this we need to stand together as humanity, work together and stop functioning according to the mind set of Elitism and corporate greed.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak Resigns
by Beth Rowen

On Feb. 11, 2011, embattled Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak announced his resignation and handed power of the country over to the Supreme Military Council. Upon hearing Mubarak's speech, Cairo erupted in joyous celebration, with crowds chanting, "Egypt is free!" His resignation followed nearly three weeks of unprecedented anti-government protests in Cairo and ended 30 years of autocratic rule.
After assuming control of the country, the military dissolved Parliament and suspended the Constitution. It then presented a roadmap for a six-month transition to civilian rule. Plans included drafting constitutional amendments, a referendum to vote on them, and elections. Military leaders met with opposition leaders Wael Ghonim and Amr Salama to discuss the plan.

Protests in Tunisia Spark Demonstrations Throughout the Region
Unrest spread throughout the Middle East in January 2011. First, Tunisia's president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali stepped down amid widespread protests against corruption, unemployment, and the repressive police state. Demonstrations followed in Yemen and Algeria. In Egypt, opposition groups and activists calling for reform began their protests on January 25—what they called "a day of rage," which coincided with Police Day. The movement, organized using cell phones and social media sites, spread, and protesters took to the streets in several cities, including Cairo, Alexandria, and Suez, demanding the resignation of Mubarak, who has been in power for 30 years. The aging president had taken steps for his son, Gamal, to succeed him in upcoming elections.
The protests continued and grew in size and intensity over the next several days, with protesters and police engaged in violent battles. On January 28, Mubarak ordered his government to resign and reshuffled his cabinet, which had no effect on the protests. Mubarak, however, remained in office, and in an apparent move to cement the support of the military, he appointed military intelligence chief, Omar Suleiman, as vice president. He deployed the military to help police quell the protests, but days later—in a blow to Mubarak—the military said it would not use force against the protesters. On February 1, hundreds of thousands of protesters assembled in Cairo's Tahrir Square. Mohamed ElBaradei, the Egyptian Nobel laureate and former director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, returned to Egypt and emerged as the leader of the opposition. He urged Muburak to resign and allow the formation of a "national unity government." Wael Ghonim, an Egyptian executive at Google, was a leading force in organizing the protests; he used an anonymous Facebook page and YouTube videos to rally support for the movement. He was jailed for 12 days, and became an unwitting hero of the movement when he acknowledged his role in an emotional television interview after his release.

Mubarak's Supporters Launch Counter-Protests
On Feb. 1, Mubarak announced that he will serve out the remainder of his term but not run for reelection in September. In response, President Barack Obama said an "orderly transition must be meaningful, it must be peaceful, and it must begin now." A day later, however, the situation in Cairo deteriorated abruptly as counter-protests broke out and supporters and opponents of Mubarak faced off in and around Tahrir Square, hurling rocks and wielding sticks. Many observers suspected Mubarak organized and encouraged his supporters to take to the streets in an attempt to further destabilize the country, allowing him to cling to power.
The opposition remained undaunted by the violent counter-protests and continued their demonstrations. The Muslim Brotherhood, the country's largest and most influential opposition movement, had been largely absent from the protest movement until it issued a statement on Feb. 4 calling for the resignation of Mubarak. In response to the continued unrest, the government made a series of conciliatory gestures: it announced that Suleiman would oversee the planning of upcoming elections and the attendant transition, promised a 15% pay increase for government employees, and proposed constitutional reforms. The opposition dismissed the gesture as wildly inadequate, and Mubarak's stubborn insistence on remaining in office emboldened the opposition. Finally, facing mounting pressure from within Egypt and from international leaders, Mubarak ultimately gave in to the uprising. As many as 300 people died during the political unrest.

Read more: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak Resigns — Infoplease.com http://www.infoplease.com/world/countries/mubarak-resigns.html#ixzz1h3xvfWM2

How on Earth will an Equal Money System be Implemented?

One of the most frequently asked questions about the Equal Money System is the question of how the system will be implemented. Indeed it can be difficult to see how an entirely new way of existing is and will be possible considering how we currently exist. What is important to realize and understand is that a new way of living will not suddenly come about by itself. So how we will get from where we are today, to an Equal Money System , is through practical changes accumulated step by step, through actions taken by directive groups and individuals advocating the Equal Money System.

For an Equal Money System to be implemented, we require a re-education of the group, as all of humanity. This is required because we, as we currently exist, are in no condition to take self-responsibility for the world as a whole. It is also required so that we can realize and understand that a different way of existing is even possible and from there, educate ourselves to be able to implement the changes required practically. Even though we can somewhat consider the notion of an Equal Money System, we have a long way ahead of us to learn how to live together in a way that is in fact best for all. What is further more required for an Equal Money System to be implemented, is that the group of people that are currently starving and suffering, which counts more than half of the world’s population get breathing-space as a “break” from having to exist within a fight to survive, so that they actually become able to even vote for an Equal Money System.

We thus require an intermediate relief of the most pressing suffering and inequality that human beings currently exist within and conditioned to. Once this is in place as a basic system where all are given the necessities to live a dignified life, we have enabled ourselves to practically stand together to implement an Equal Money System

This basic system is what is known as the BIG or Basic Income Grant or Guarantee system[1]. The basis of the system is to[2]:

Provide everyone with a minimum level of income,
Enable the nation’s poorest households to better meet their basic needs,
Stimulate equitable economic development,
Promote family and community stability, and
Affirm and support the inherent dignity of all.

This preliminary system will ensure a basic level of existing for all those countries participating where all citizens will be supported. It is from there that we can start implementing a fully functioning and Global Equal Money System. Once we get to this stage practically, we can start discussing and deciding how products are to be produced, how goods are stored and how work is going to be dispersed and all other questions pertaining to how to practically exist in a way that is best for all.

The first step in the implementation of an Equal Money System is thus a Basic Income Grant System and this will only be implemented as we re-educate ourselves to start caring about and understanding all life as equal to change our incentives within how we exist. We do this through changing ourselves and through exposing the system that is here for and as ourselves and each other, until we clearly see what is here for what it is and what are required to be done.

At Desteni, we encourage all to participate in the discussions on the forums to gain a practical understanding of what is required to be done and how we can each stand up to change the world. At The Equal Money Forum we discuss points specifically pertaining to the Equal Money System and at the Desteni Forum we come together to support ourselves to practically change and stand up as self-responsible, through writing ourselves to freedom in self-honesty and supporting each other to do the same.

We are active on Facebook and Youtube all year round, 24/7 as we participate from all parts of the world. Here we share links to relevant documentaries and news stories, personal experiences and realizations as well as music and videos. These is also available along with many products at the Destonians own shop EQAFE. Here we provide access to all the blog books written by Destonians as well as official books on the Equal Money System and exclusive interviews.

We encourage you to join us and begin the journey towards the making of a world that is Best for all, a world that is created from our very own hands, as we walk ourselves, step by step, breath by breath to self-honesty in self-responsibility for what is here. If we can do it, anyone can. And who will do it, if we don’t?

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basic_income_guarantee

[2] http://www.big.org.za/


How to make those in power give it away in an EMS

Obviously, initially, most of the people ‘in power’ will not want to give away their current position of power during the implementation period of an Equal Money System.

Why not?

Well, we all know what it is like to get a ‘taste of power’ – whether believing we have ‘won’ a menial argument or, on a macro-scale, believing we’ve ‘won’ an actual war – so, that rush of having power over masses of people and situations can be and is reflected in each of us, and as such we can each see how this would be a difficult addiction to kick, as it is literally a kind of drug and/or orgasmic experience.

Though, those in power didn’t just magically get there, we are all responsible, as we have allowed ourselves to become mesmerized/hypnotized by this smoke and mirror show, believing that this is how it works, as ‘the way it is’ – it just ‘happens this way’ – ‘I can’t do anything about it’…which is really just another way of us secretly wanting to keep whatever self-interested power that we believe we have, in the hopes that one day we may be able to be in their position, as well.

This power, though, was accumulated through egoistically-fueled manipulation trickery or, we could say, elitist-legerdemain. But really, those in power only have an illusion of control, as it was never real, and they are a tiny group/minority in comparison to ‘the masses’/majority who are certainly not satisfied with the current way that those ‘in power’ are handling ‘their responsibility’ – as ‘their responsibility’ is clearly not within the principle of what is best for all, but only what is going to ensure their bubble-reality of self-interested-power continues. Also, to be clear, there is no ‘their responsibility’ either – as again, we are ALL responsible for the state of this world, and ourselves as direct-participants in this world.

However, those in power, through their constant and continuous blunders, are now being exposed at an increasing rate, as total system collapse is on the tips of everyone’s tongues. Through this, those in power are actually speeding up the process for us all, as they are no longer able to sweep their fuck-ups under the rug – not just ‘them’ – NO ONE can hide the inevitable facing of oneself; the rotten stench of a ‘system gone bad’ is leaking out into all corners of this world, as strife, dissatisfaction, tension, and conflict are running rampant in the streets, literally.

This entire ‘illusion of control’ has been kept intact through eons of time, wherein we as humans have abdicated ourselves within the belief that we require something ‘above’ us/outside of us to direct us due to existing within separation and inFEARiority.

We can see this in the ultimate point of allowing money to be our god which has total and complete power over our breath to breath living.

So, it’s a point of each one of us ‘taking our power back’ by/through becoming self-responsible, self-honest, caring beings and walking the point of self-correction, as we forgive ourselves, and thus forgive those ‘in power’ – as we could have easily been them in another life, and so we forgive them, as ourselves.

Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, we forgive ourselves for giving away our power as Life, here, turning a spiteful, blind eye to the horrors of this world in the hopes that someone would save us/clean up this mess for us so that we can keep chasing this ever-elusive ‘pursuit of happiness’ – not seeing that the carrot on a string is actually around our own neck.

It is time to cut the strings that bind, as we allow ourselves to embody our self-power and ability to make decisions that reflect this realization, as self-forgiveness practically directed through corrective application in this physical reality.

THAT is true democracy, as one man wielding the power of one vote, and together 1+1+1+1+1 we change this world, until it is done.

NOT through ‘revolution’ or fighting against ‘the powers that be’ – as fighting ‘against’ anything is only fighting ourselves, and in effect only giving more power to the point we believe we are fighting against – so, it’s a change through actual, direct self-realization that it is only through creating a system of Equality that we will be able to continue here on this planet; that it is only through a REAL democratic vote that we will each make our voice be heard.

So, it’s not really a point of getting those in power to ‘give it away,’ but a point of each of us standing up within ourselves to ‘take back’ our inherent power as self-responsible beings so that we’re able to work together, wherein no one single person/group will require a ‘position of power/control’ – and this is something that each one must realize for oneself, as those in power will most certainly have to do, as well.

We all are walking the same process here – different forms, same process.

So, it’s a fascinating point as this shows how everything is in reverse: to get those in power to give that power away – that ‘power’ that was never real to begin with – we ALL must take our power back – lol – which is kind of a conundrum showing that a re-definition of the word power must be lived into reality…

We ALL require to put down every form of power which we believed holds us up above others, and to ‘get back down to Earth’ – to an equalized playing-ground where we can all have fun and enjoy life – together, self-responsibly, within what is best for ALL.

No one to play blame-games with. No one to shake a finger at.

The principle of Equality as what is best for all can’t be, and won’t be debatable, but will be an agreement of Life; through this no point of compromise will be possible, as we all have the ability to see common sense as what is best for all and once this is realized we’ll be able to trust each other to act from this starting point, and no longer from the egoistic starting point of seeking domination over others for greed-purposes.

To do this, we must each become walking examples, as we make the total commitment to ourselves and each other to stand, no matter what, as Living Gods – equal and one – where our every movement is aligned to what is best for all – through and through – it is this primary point of dedication to self that will expedite this process significantly.

SO! Join us – what are you waiting for?


Will the Equal Money be a democracy? Will Committees exist?

The equal money system will be based and run by principles, one being that all life is equal in all ways in all aspects of life conceived so everybody will be treated and respected as such. Two, all beings in this existence whether you are a insect, a puppy, a tree, or a baby human, we are all life, we are one here, and life in an equal money system will thus include all, considering all aspects and all beings within it. Third, the equal money system will be based on a simple equation, 1+1=2 meaning that all will be shared among all and all will get the best that there is to offer. Equal money system will be based on doing what is best for all, creating products that are best for all, running institution best for all, taking care of nature best for all, and so on. This ensuring that life will never again be abused as it is in this current capitalist system, and all points are considered and taken responsibility for to create the best life possible for all life that is here. The main principle seeing self within all as all is self as life, and treating all the way you would like to be treated. The goal and what will manifest from living these principles, each on an individually level and on a whole within society, is that life will manifest heaven on earth, a place we all will want to live, and all live in enjoyment and peace because all are considered not one being being left out, and everything done in the best possible way for all.

The equal money system will be a true democracy where all will be able to cast a vote, one man one vote, and all will be able to access this voting system because all will have Internet connection. This is possible now as the Internet is a global commodity and will be able to reach all here. Meaning the Internet capabilities will be equalized for all and be able to reach all as best we can do it. So the system will be governed and decided upon by the people through this online voting system, where all will have access to and have there chance to make there vote count.

Committees will be something that will be useful to allocate administration responsibilities, financial responsibilities, logistics and planning, maintenance, and all the areas that will come up to keep life functioning and flowing in equilibrium within the life that is being developed as we move and expand within the best for all system we will be developing as the Equal Money System unfolds. As we start organizing the communities around the globe, I see that each region will have a committee representing it for meetings on a more larger scale to discuss and debate new reforms or decisions that are to be put in place as the system transitions and starts to develop. The committees will have as many people in it as necessary, all equally valued and equally held in a standard of trust. This point of trust will be compulsory within being educated in what is know today as the Desteni-I-Process training, where you go through a selected number of courses to become what is known as a 'real' physical being able to direct and walk in stability to do what is best for all in all ways, this must be proven by self and corroborated by a group. These people in the committees will be voted on as well, so ultimately it will be the peoples choice who gets put in the committees. The committees only lasting a certain amount of time for those voted in, and then a new batch of people will be voted on to walk within and as the committees that will be representing a certain region or literally land mass of people. Community based committees to walk through points that will come up in the new system, and get the logistics sorted in all areas to then be voted on in what ever comes up that needs direction.


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