Thursday, December 8, 2011

In an EMS there will be no more chapels and churched overloaded with gold and ornaments while beings are dying with hunger

For those who believe in a God and belong to a religion, you could ask yourself the commonsensical question: does my God really care for all the gold and expensive ornaments from which the churches and prayer centers are built? Does my God want to look at such expensive trivialities, while the beings who occupy the churches, leave half the planet either starving or living on the breadline? Does your god appreciate the glitter more than the efforts to change the world and make life livable for all? One could ask the question: is my God only interested in his own ego?

So for those humans who still believe in Gods and who have to belong to religions, because they have no clear self direction and require an invisible being to tell them what to do: in an EMS we will still allow each person to work through the transition phase by leaving people to their religions. What will not be accepted in an Equal Money System is the wasting of resources to present a picture to an invisible God. If people want to pray and go to churches, they may do so but not at the expense of other beings. No longer will resources be used to glamorize churches.

If one look at how the Capitalist System functions you will notice that everything that exist in the mind of the human can be sold and is sold with no conscience or remorse. For example in the case of religion. People feel the need to belong to a faith, to believe that somebody else is going to clean up our mess. People are directed by fear and because of this the church and all other religions came into practice. If you use basic common sense you can see this for yourself. It was due to the fear of death and the fear of ourselves, that man needed guidance instead of taking self responsibility. The church was implemented as a way for people to be controlled, to prevent chaos. So far it has worked - for the capitalists. Man has been controlled through the fear of God and it is because of the fear created and supported through religion that no one questions god and therefore no one questions the current world systems. Those who blindly follow and support the current world systems do so because of a believe that because God apparently created man, God surely also created this invisible system that 'takes care of us'. The only ones that are taken care of, of course are those with money. So of course either God is Money because to know salvation in this world you must have money, or is it that god is a sadist by creating money which some have and some dont?

So back to churches. Because man has become accustomed to believing everything that is presented within the current world systems, they will believe everything the capitalists sell to them. I mean the capitalists sell you eternal salvation in the form of a glamorous looking church. Again people have equated the best looking church to salvation, why - well within each person exists the fear that you will be left behind, you will die. So each one wants God to save them. Therefore people will allow obvious deception in the form of glamorized churches and overlook the obvious lie, to instead hope that God will see this shiny gold thing from the sky and he will save everyone sitting in the church.

This is how petty 'God' has become - apparently. He will leave half the people on the planet on the bread line or starving with not enough money to provide ones basic needs, while saving the ones that sit in the flashy churches. God apparently needs to see flashy pretty things or he just doesn’t care. The capitalists obviously realise the secret existent within man, to be saved by this petty god and therefore in conjunction with the churches will sell you salvation. The churches of course are run by people who profit from human fear. Why else would they sell you such an obvious lie? In an Equal Money System we will start working on taking people out of their fear of survival. This will start with removing the fear of not having money. From there we will show people that every other belief you have also exists because of fear. Anything that is not physically manifested in this world, exists as information only in your mind as the believer and is therefore 'not real'. So by taking people out of fear of survival by providing everyone with our basic needs, we will begin to unravel all other fears and show people how holding on to a belief about something is not necessary - you are here and you are taken care of.


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