Thursday, December 8, 2011

In an Equal Money System there will be no more zoos

One of the principles according to which the Equal Money System will function is to take all life on this planet into consideration. Therefore animals, humans, the planet will all be considered when we make decisions about how we live and what we do. Not like we exist now - where only the human is considered. We claim we consider nature and the animals, but if you look at it in self-honesty you will see that we only consider plants, nature and animals, if it pleases the human. It is never an act of oneness and equality.

So within an Equal Money System we will re-evaluate and re-consider how we have been living, what we participate in and how things are managed. One of the things that will change is how we participate with animals. The shift will focus from them being there for the entertainment of the human to an equal consideration. One of the things that will go in an Equal Money System is zoos. Currently zoos exist as small enclosures in which animals are kept so that humans may gawk at them. In an Equal Money System we will firstly reconsider how humans take up all the land out of greed. We will look at what land to give to animals and how to divide the land according to the needs of different animals. This will all be an equal and one consideration between human, animal and the space required for us to rehabilitate nature (e.g. the rain forests etc, animal species).

Therefore once we decide which animals require what space to live comfortably, the next stage will be the administration and care of the animals. Accordingly groups and communities will be established to take care of the animals communities. No longer will animals be kept in enclosures to please the human, while they live in small spaces while mostly being treated inhumanely. We will stop all profit based animal practices and the focus will be about creating a dignified life for all on this planet.


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